Onsite Fabrication, Welding, Erection and Commissioning jobs

As a world-class designer and manufacturer of sensors, digitizers and communications equipment, Nanometrics is well positioned to support unique deployment and design challenges with our custom design engineering services. If you have a deployment or research project that is not well served by off-the-shelf instruments, Nanometrics will design and manufacture a product specifically suited to your needs.

Our broad range of equipment and capabilities means you can use Northlake for all of your electromagnetic needs. We have bobbin, multiple, lathe and toroid winding equipment and the ability to varnish, conformal coat, vacuum impregnate, pot or mold your custom design for your specific application. We design and build custom transformers weighing anywhere from an ounce to 1000 pounds. We will follow your written specifications or provide you with a solution based on our engineers' suggestions. In short, this means that Northlake has virtually no manufacturing restrictions.

This service can be used with our following products :
  • » SVX-1920
  • » DVS-1600
  • » ALR-1400
  • » HE-1920
  • » HE-1400
  • » SVH-1920
  • » SP-1600
  • » AVP-1280
  • » HE-1600